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مُساهمةموضوع: الامتحان 2011   الإثنين يونيو 20, 2011 12:07 am

ARAB REPUBLIC OF EGYPT Ministry of Education
General Secondary Education Certificate Examination, 2011
[First Stage - First Session]
First Foreign Language: ENGLISH (1) Time: 3 Hours

A- Language Functions Respond to each of the following situations:
1- A friend says he/ she wants to do an individual sport to keep fit Give advice.
2- Recommend reading a book you have read lately to a classmate and say why.
3- A tourist wants to go to Tahrir square. Give him/her the right directions.
4- A friend invites you to his sister's wedding party. Apologize and say why.
Say where each of the following mini-dialogues takes place and who the speakers are:

1- A: It's nice to see you. I wish you a speedy recovery.
B: Thank you. It's so kind of you to visit me.
A: When will you leave?
B: In two days.
2- A: What would you like to order, sir?
B: Fish, rice and salad.
A: Do you like something to drink?
B: Orange juice, please.

B- Vocabulary & Structure
Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
1- There's a history programme on TV tonight I think you..................... it
a) are going to enjoy b) are enjoying c) will enjoy d) enjoy
2- His coat was made of a................. material.
a) synthetic b) sinister c) solar d) satellite
3- I'd be a doctor than a dentist
a) rather b) prefer c) want d) like
4- Ramy doesn't get paid for playing football. He's......................
a) a professional b) a player c) a career d) an amateur
5- …running your own business is hard work, it's also enjoyable.
a) Despite b) Because c) However d) Although
6- In my opinion, it's warmer now..................... it was this morning.
a) as b) than c) so d) that
7- Application forms often ask people about their................... status.
a) marital b) waiting c) married d) ridiculous
8- If the train................... down, I wouldn't have been late.
a) didn't break b) doesn't break c) hadn't broken d) won't break
9- We................ to go to school tomorrow. It's a public holiday.
a) could b) mustn't c) need d) don't have
10- Nadia is ...................... She speaks Arabic and English.
a) bilingual b) literate c) monolingual d) illegal
11- The belief that black cats are lucky is a.....................
a) supposition b) myth c) legend d) superstition
12- They have just................. a good decision.
a) done b)made c) found d) brought
13- I'm afraid we can't............... a holiday this year.
a) afford b) earn c) pay d) buy
14- Those are the people............... car has been stolen.
a) who b) which c) whose d) whom
15- My uncle doesn't enjoy................... in big cities.
a) drive b) driving c) driven d) to drive
16- That man should stop....................... It has nothing to do with him.
a) disagreeing b) saying c) interfering d) discussing

Find the mistake in each of the following sentences, then write them correctly:
1- Asia is the biggest country in the world.
2- I'll tell you if I heard from Hassan.
3- The children of our children are called our grandparents.
4- Mona jogs the internet for long hours every day.
5- When he left school, he applies to join the army.
6- We will keep out of oil in twenty years.

Read the following passage, then answer the questions:
Have you ever seen the people on the TV show 'Grey's Anatomy' who run into the emergency department with a patient on a stretcher and shout numbers and incomprehensible things at the doctors? Well, I'm one of those people - a paramedic. If there's a road accident or a sudden illness, I'm the first medical person to arrive. I assess the situation and give immediate care and drugs to the patient While the ambulance takes the patient to the hospital, I continue to look after and monitor the patient's health. When we arrive at the hospital, I tell the doctors what the situation is and give them vital information about the state of the patient
If a patient is seriously ill, you have to remain very calm. If you start to panic, then everyone will start to panic and the situation will get out of control. It's a good feeling when you go home at the end of a shift and know that you really made a difference. It's very rewarding to help people in an emergency situation.
A- Answer the following questions:
1- What does a paramedic do when there is a road accident?
2- In what way does the paramedic help the doctors?
3- Suggest a suitable title to the above passage.
Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
4- The word 'panic' means "feeling........................ ":
a) happy b) angry c) excited d) scared
5- The underlined word refers to........................... :
a) the paramedics b) the doctors c) the patients d) the ambulances

Read the following passage, then answer the questions:
We see thousands of adverts every day- in the street on TV, in supermarkets, and in newspapers and magazines. Every week millions and millions of dollars are spent promoting products in adverts. And if you think consumers aren't influenced by adverts (even ones they dislike), you're wrong! Adverts aren't necessarily successful if they are liked- they're successful if they are remembered. People often remember a product which is advertised using famous people. When we see the trainers worn by a sports star we imagine that we may also be successful with the same trainers. Adverts which use celebrities are expensive to produce, but they are persuasive.
Many advertisers these days promote products using very unusual adverts. In the USA, adverts are sometimes printed on beaches by special machines. On busy beaches the adverts are destroyed by midday, so the same advert is made again every morning.
A more unusual form of advertising uses people's faces. It is very popular with students because it is an easy way to earn money. Colourful company logos and product names are painted on students' faces by an advertising agency. The students are paid to walk around with the advert for a week.
A- Answer the following questions:
1- When are adverts successful?
2- Why do some companies use celebrities in their advertising campaign?
3- Would you accept using your own face as a means of advertising? Why?
B- Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
4- The word 'celebrities' means........................... people.
a) parties b) careless c) famous d) unknown
5- The opposite of the word 'persuasive' is..........................
a) irregular b) unconvincing c) irrelevant d) unfamiliar

7) The Spiders
A. Answer the following questions:
1- Why was everyone surprised that Ayman didn't die from the deadly female spider's bite?
2- What did the people do with the dead spiders from the underground tombs?
Read the following quotation, then answer the questions:
“Business in the town would lose money. Everyone would be furious, Ayman wished he had never started this"
1- Who said this? To Whom?
2- Why would business in town lose money?
C. Complete the following sentences:
1- Dr. Fakhry asked Professor Jones why nobody............................................ .
2- The spiders attacked the men as soon as the men.........................................

Cool Write a paragraph of about 100 words about:
‘The very important role the Face book has played in making Egyptian young men and women start their 25 January revolution successfully.

9) Translation
Translate into Arabic:
The dialogue of cultures brings people from different cultures and religions together. In order for this to work, participants should be ruled by tolerance and mutual understanding. This dialogue can prevent the clash of civilizations.
Translate into English:
ضرب اليابان زلزال مدمر نتج عنه خسائر اقتصادية كبيرة و تسرب بعض الاشعاعات النووية
بدات مصر عهدا جديدا بثورة بداها الشباب و انضم اليها كل طوائف الشعب

Model answer
a) Language functions
1- I advise you to (play squash) (do judo) (go running)
2- This book is interesting. You should read it. /I recommend it to you.
3- Go along this road and take the first turning on your right.
4- I’m sorry. I can’t come because I’m busy revising for the exam. / I wish I could, but I have to revise for my exam.
(or any reasonable answer from the student)
1- place: hospital / clinic/surgery
Speaker A: a visitor / relative / friend
Speaker B: patient
2- place: restaurant
Speaker A: waiter / waitress
Speaker B: customer
(or any reasonable answer from the student)
1- Will Enjoy
2- Synthetic
4- an amateur
5- Although
8-Hadn't Broken
9-Don't Have
10- Bilingual
1- country----------------------continent
2- heard------------------------hear (will -----------would)
3- grandparents----------------grandchildren / descendants
4- jogs-------------------------logs on to/surfs
5- applies-----------------applied
(left-------leaves/applies--------------will apply)
4- d) scared
5- b) the doctors
4- c) famous
5- d) unconvincing
1- Everyone was surprised that Ayman didn't die from the deadly female spider's bite because it was deadly and there was no antivenom for it. They expected Ayman to die
2- Under the colonel’s command, they took them to the antivenom lab where scientists would begin to make an antivenom.
1- The writer to the reader
(I think Ayman to himself may be accepted from the student but the words in the story text aren’t put in inverted commas.)
(I think it is an a awkward quotation)
2- Business in the town would lose money if people heard and believed the story of deadly spiders in the town.
1- …had seen such spiders before
2- … had used their insecticide sprays
The role of information technology in defeating the Arab regimes
Facebook 2-0 Arab presidents
In January 2011; Arab countries and the entire world followed what happened in Tunisia Egypt. Two Arabic regimes were obliged to step down in the same month. On January 14, 2011; the Tunisian president Zein Abedeen Bin Ali escaped outside of Tunisia after 27 days of protests. In Egypt, on February 11, 2011; the strongest Arab president Mubarak resigned and left Egypt after very active protests at all cities of Egypt. The Egyptians have a record because the protests continued for 18 days only!! A new history is being written in Arab countries.
Throughout history, there’s no conflict about reasons for the revolutions anywhere in the world. It might be social, economic, or political reasons. Almost the same reasons for all revolutions since the early history of the humanity, but the revolutions of the modern age are different by depending on new means, and for sure communications and information technology was the most effective factors in the modern revolutions.
It’s well known that all Arab countries has no democracy, and the governing regimes are the most repressive and dictatorial regimes ever. Egyptian and Tunisian regimes were classified as the top fighter of internet usage by political activists. Both of them achieved great developments to improve communications and technology, but on the other hand they fight any activities against their existence.
Now the question is; can we really believe that the technology affected in the Egyptian and Tunisian revolution?
Opinions might be conflicted, some people can see that all revolutions through the history succeeded despite the absence of technology, and if people stayed in front of PCs screens, who would participate in the demonstrations. On the other side, many opinions say that the online social networks provided e-communities which helped to promote the anti-governing systems ideas, and to call and organize the demonstrations, and to disseminate news from the heart of the events.
The internet role in Egypt demonstrations
The online social networks played main role in Egypt’s demonstration in January 2011. Facebook and Twitter were the basic tools used in the demonstrations. Facebook is well spread in Egypt since 2008. Its popularity is based on political events too when it was used for a very wide invitation to a strike in all Egypt on April 6, 2008, which was a very successful invitation. After that a group of political activists formed and entitled “6th April Youth Movement”. I think Twitter was the biggest winner because it started to be well known in Egypt during January events.
By an inspector eyes; we can define three main roles of Facebook and Twitter in January demonstrations; Call for demonstrations, dissemination of demonstrations news, and increasing information circulation.
Members of Facebook played a great role in information flow and circulation during the demonstrations days. The Members got their posts from different resources, like; Facebook pages, news web sites, TV channels, and the field itself. The status of members changed every minute. The Egyptians response to Facebook was unprecedented phenomenon.
Although all practices of the Egyptian and Tunisian governments were against the usage of internet and technology in general, the technology was an effective factor in the revolution and defeated two of the strongest regimes in the Arab countries.
ان حوار الثقافات يقرب ما بين الناس من مختلف الثقافات و الاديان و لكى يجدى ذلك نفعا لابد للمشاركين ان يحكمهم التسامح و التفاهم المتبادل و يمكن لهذا الحوار ان يمنع صدام الحضارات
1- A devastating earthquake struck Japan leaving behind (causing) huge/significant/disastrous economic losses and the leakage of some nuclear radiations.
2- Egypt (has) started a new era with a civilization started/initiated by youth and joined by all sectors/walks of people (people of all ages/walks/communities)

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