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 Unit 18: Holidays with a difference

اذهب الى الأسفل 
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عضو ذهبى

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تاريخ التسجيل : 06/01/2010
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الموقع : بيتنا

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advertisement اعلان
train يدرب
advertise يعلن عن
training تدريب
adventure مغامرة
instructor معلم
dolphin دولفين
instruct يعلم
Join يلتحق بـ
meal وجبة
diving الغطس
rare نادر
dive يغطس
typical نموذجى / طبق الأصل
Pharaohs Rally رالى الفراعنة
weather conditions أحوال الطقس
race سباق
uncommon = unusual غير عادى
the Sahara الصحراء الكبرى
disabilities اعاقات
beginner مبتدئ
invitation دعوة
abroad فى الخارج
invite يدعو
arrange يرتب / ينظم
the Indian Ocean المحيط الهندى
fortnight اسبوعين
the Red Sea البحر الأحمر
conservation حماية
the Mediterranean البحر المتوسط
conserve يحمى
tortoise سلحفاة
society مجتمع / جمعية
safe آمن
wildlife الحياة البرية
organise ينظم / يرتب
protect يحمى
culture ثقافة
protection حماية / وقاية
comfort راحة
beach بلاج
convenience ملائمة / موافقة
excited منفعل
rewarding مجزى
organisation منظمة
volunteer متطوع
sailing الابحار
overcome يتغلب على
relatives أقارب
entertain يسلى / يستضيف
teenagers المرهقين
entertainment تسلية
activity نشاط
outing نزهة
sound صوت / يبدو
prince امير
Global Challenge التحدى العالمى
princess اميرة
camel riding ركوب الجمال
environment بيئة
luck حظ
environmental بيئى
plan يخطط / خطة
locally grown مزروع محليا
climate المناخ
local محلى
coast ساحل
oasis واحة
local community مجتمع محلى
midday وسط النهار
expedition رحلة استكشافية
temperature درجة الحرارة
experience خبرة
degrees درجات

tour جولة
learning difficulties صعوبات التعلم
dress يكسو / يرتدى
extinct منقرض
the Middle East الشرق الأوسط
face يواجه
road accidents حوادث الطرق
resist يقاوم
injured مصاب
shelter مأوى / ملجأ / مسكن
friendly ودى / ودود
project مشروع
environmentally بيئيا
website موقع على شبكة الانترنت
serve food يقدم الطعام
reserve محمية طبيعية
nature conservation المحافظة على الطبيعة
edge حافة
Idioms & Expressions

go away يسافر بعيدا
last for يستمر لمدة
belong to ينتمى الى
take photos يصور / يأخذ صور
make plans for يعمل خطط لـ
stay in a hotel يمكث فى فندق
go diving يذهب للغوص
have a great time يقضى وقتا سعيدا
in the Red Sea فى البحر الأحمر
live in يعيش فى
for + مدة زمنية لمدة
give birth to تلد
stay with يمكث مع
on the edge of على حافة
work for يعمل لدى
stay out of يبقى بعيدا عن
in + مكان / شهر / سنة فى
look after يعتنى بـ
different from مختلف عن
provide with يزود بـ / يمد بـ
go on holiday يذهب فى اجازة
catch a disease يصاب بمرض
for part of the time لجزء من الوقت
damage to تلف لـ
work with يعمل مع
close to قريب من
Language Study
w would prefer to + مصدر: يفضل
- I would prefer to have dinner outdoors.
w the same age as: as old as فى نفس عمر
- Amany is the same age as Dalia. (as …….. as)
Amany is as old as Dalia.
w look forward to + v. + ing: يتطلع الى
- I look forward to travelling abroad this summer.

@ James is going away this summer. He's going to egypt with his family. They're going diving in the Red Sea for five days. They're staying with his aunt and uncle, who work for a delphin consevation society in Greece, for a fortnight. They've got two boys about the same age as James. He will be able to go out with them. He's really looking forward to seeing the dolphins in the wild.
@ Helen is going on holiday with her older brother, David. She's going to india for a month with an organisation called Global Challenge, which arranges adventure holidays abroad. She is going to help old people or work with children.
Reading & Critical Thinking
Global Challenge Holidays

@ Global Challenge will give you an adventure holiday – and you will give something to the community you join. Our expeditions last for a month. Our friendly instructors will train you before you leave and will help you all the time you are away. Global Challenge arranges expeditions to 30 countries. Here are two people's experiences:
@ James Hammond, from Australia, is in India. This is what he says about his experience: Before I came, I thought life in a small village with no television and a strange language would be difficult. But it hasn't been difficult at all. We've helped in a home for children with disabilities. We've had invitations for meals with Indian families. Our instructor Michael has taken us for a day's sailing on the Indian Ocean.
@ Olivia Owen, from London, is in Egypt. This is what she says: The Mediterranean coast of Egypt is beautiful and has a wonderful climate. I've spent a lot of time here helping a tortoise conservation society. The Egyptian tortoise is one of the smallest and rarest tortoises in the world. Unfortunately, people are building on many of the places where the tortoises usually live, so we are finding new, safe homes for them to live in.
Questions & answers

How many countries does Global Challenge organise expeditions to?
- It organises expeditions to 30 countries.

Are Global Challenge holidays different from ordinary holidays?
- Yes, they are adventure holidays that also help communities.

What happens before young people go on Global Challenge holidays?
- The friendly instructors will train them.

Why did James think living in the Indian village would be difficult?
- Because there was no television and there was a strange language.

How does James help in the local community?
- He helps in a home for children with disabilities.

Why does the Egyptian Tortoise need help?
- Because it is very rare and people are building on many of the places where it usually lives.

What has Olivia done to help the tortoises?
- She has been finding new, safe homes for them to live in.

What kind of training would James and Olivia need before they went to India and Egypt?

- James would need to learn how to help children with disabilities. Olivia would have to learn how to help tortoises. They would also need to learn how to adapt to their new cultures.
How do you think the Global challenge instructors help the young people during the expedition?
- They probably check that they are happy and healthy and help them with any questions or worries they may have.

What differences would James notice between life in an Indian village and life in Australia?
- In India, he would not have the comforts and modern conveniences of Australia - there would be no television, may be no electricity, etc….. .
What do you think James and Olivia's experience will teach them about themselves and life?
- They will probably learn that people live very different lives, that animals and people need help and protection, and that helping people and animals can be rewarding.
Do you think life would be difficult in a small village with no television?
- No, although they would have to find other forms of entertainment and information.
Why do you think the language was not a problem for James?
- Probably because the village people were very friendly, so they were able to overcome communication difficulties.

How do you think James helped in the home for children with disabilities?
- He could have taught them or entertained them, or taken them on outings or helped to feed and dress them.
Unusual hotel for Prince Charles and Camilla
@ When the British queen's son, Prince Charles, and his wife Camilla came to Egypt in March 2006, they spent a night in an unusual hotel on the edge of the Sahara Desert. The Adrere Amellal Ecolodge is an environmentally friendly hotel that has no electricity. People who stay there are given locally-grown food.
@ The day before, Prince Charles had visited the oasis town of Siwa close to Libya. With Siwa having a midday temperature of 35 degrees, he did everything he could to keep cool, wearing a hat and staying out of the sun. Camilla spent time talking to a group of local women and then looked round the market.
@ Prince Charles and Camilla were in Egypt as part of a tour of the Middle East. On their visit, they also went to an animal hospital in Cairo, which looks after horses injured in road accidents, and they visited Al-Azhar University, one of the oldest universities in the world.
Questions & answers

Did Prince Charles and Camilla visit Egypt only in 2006?
- No, they went to other countries in the Middle East.

Why was their hotel unusual?
- It had no electricity. It is environmentally friendly. It serves locally-grown food.

Why did Prince Charles stay out of the sun? Where was he?
- To keep cool. He was in Siwa.

Do you think Prince Charles and Camilla enjoyed staying in the hotel? Why? Why not?
- I think they enjoyed staying in the hotel because they spent unusual night.

- I think they didn't enjoy staying in the hotel because there was no electricity. They were given locally-grown food. Charles did everything he could to keep cool.

Why do you think Prince Charles found it so hot in Siwa?
- As there was no electricity so there were no air conditioners.

What do you think Prince Charles and Camilla enjoyed most about their visit to Egypt?

I think they enjoyed the hospitality of the Egyptians most.
@ Choose the correct answer:

I went (aboard-board-beard-abroad) for the first time last year. I went to Turkey.
My parents are trying to (arrange-decorate-fix-repair) our next summer holiday.
We usually go away (since-in-for-ago) a fortnight in the summer.
I belong to a (conversation-conservation-conversion-contrast) society that helps protect Egyptian wildlife.
I'm looking forward to (see-saw-seen-seeing) the dolphins in the wild.
James is going to go (dive-diving-dives-dived) this summer.
They are going diving (in-on-at-by) the Red Sea for five days.
An (engineer-instructor-architect-artist) is someone who teaches a particular subject or sport.
He is staying (at-with-in-of) his aunt and uncle in Alexandria.
How about going sailing in the Indian (Lake-River-Ocean-Canal).
It is better to live in a (dangerous-safe-dirty-untidy) place.
Global Challenge is an (organisation-charity-society-community) which arranges expeditions to different countries.
My uncle lives (at-with-in-of) Greece.
I belong to a conservation society that helps (prevent-pretend-protect-predict) wildlife.
He stayed in London for a fortnight. A fortnight means (one-two-three-four) weeks.
Helen is going (on-at-in-from) holiday soon.
He does a lot of (volunteer-careless-restless-vocal) work in the local community.
They have helped in a home for children with (abilities-disabilities-powers-proofs)
She is going to London (at-since-ago-for) a month.
Some hotels serve (local-locally-location-locality) grown food.
When I was in America, I had (inventions-invitations-inversions-dresses) for meals with American families.
She is going to do something useful (in-at-for-with) part of the time.
A (dog-cat-duck-dolphin) is a clever friendly animal that lives in the sea.
The Mediterranean (coast-canal-lake-river) of Egypt has a wonderful climate.
Helen is going to work (at-with-on-up) old people or children.
The new play (took-moved-lasted-began) for three hours.
Diamond and gold are very expensive because they are (available-rare-hard-rigid).
They will see each other again (in-on-ago-from) September.
I went on an (adventure-experience-terrified-frightened) holiday last year. It was very fantastic.

My brother works (on-for-up-out) a big travel agency.
My aunt and uncle have got two boys about the same (age-old-tall-high) as me.
A (tortoise-giraffe-hound-lion) is a very slow animal which can live for many years.
We went on (a tour-an expedition-a voyage-a flight) into the Amazon rainforest.
I'd prefer (have-having-had-to have) some coffee.
I'm having a lesson with my sports (member-teaching-lesson-instructor) this afternoon.
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عدد المساهمات : 871
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عدد المساهمات : 871
تاريخ التسجيل : 06/01/2010
العمر : 24
الموقع : بيتنا

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Unit 18: Holidays with a difference
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